Friday, September 3, 2010

The BEST paleo item at Publix is...

The noble avocado. Hooray! I'm talkin' the nice little greenish black Hass avocados. Not that green avocado. Sure, get the green avocado if you plan on serving guacamole to strangers in a week or so because it'll take that long to ripen and taste so lackluster you wouldn't serve it to a loved one. The Hass avocado is more calorie dense and the fat content is higher than the Florida green avocado. Luckily fat doesn't make you fat so its really no problem. I eat one a day. I love em. It has oddly taken the place of the Greek yogurt I used to eat. I scoop the meat right out of the peel with a spoon and eat it plain. I use it in many recipes as well. I even blended one with pure unsweetened cocoa powder and raw honey, froze it and had a frozen chocolaty treat. This week they're on sale 5 for $5.00!! September 2nd-8th, 2010. It is gotta be one of the most versatile foods on earth.

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