Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cotton candy grapes. Natural, non-GMO

I was shopping for a healthy snack yesterday at my favorite Publix. The produce manager was walking around offering samples of cotton candy grapes. I heard this and immediately went straight to him to get one. Popped it in my mouth and baammm! Cotton candy flavor explosion. I purchased some and enjoyed about a half a pound and have away another half pound to every person I saw. They are awesome! I looked into how these are created and I found out they are not made by some unnatural chemical bath process. They are naturally made by hand cross breeding different species of grapes by a farmer. Not bad! Try some out. You'll love em!


  1. We got some of these today. I was totally suspicious, but they are so delicious! And I really could pop them like candy and not feel bad. :)

  2. So they are safe to eat then?! They are delicious!